Private fishing developing in Turkmenistan’s northern region


The Turkmen local company Ak durna is a big private producer of fish in Turkmenistan’s Dashoguz northern region, Trend reports referring to Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper.

Catfish, pike perch, common carp, silver carp, roach, asp, pike, bream and snakehead are caught in Sarygamysh, Aybovur and Uzinshor lakes. Some 195 tons of fresh fish are planned to be sold to consumers this year.

Ak durna company is entitled to sell 158 tons of fish at the approved state prices, and the remainder – at commercial prices. The company owns a five-hectare pond farm, thirty-three modern boats, two refrigeration units and special vehicles with refrigerators.

A big and powerful refrigeration unit operates on the territory of the fishing section of Sarygamysh lake. The processing workshop will be modernized soon. The equipment for the production of big batches of smoked fish in vacuum packaging will be installed.

The Turkmen fishing industry is being modernized and a modern infrastructure is being created. The new enterprises are being built and the existing enterprises are being modernized. The leading enterprise is Balkanbalyk state enterprise, which catches fish in the Caspian Sea and is engaged in the processing of seafood.

The development of aquaculture (breeding of aquatic animals, namely, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, algae in controlled conditions to increase the productivity of bodies of water) in various regions of the country is one of the main activities of the State Committee for Fisheries.