Caspian Sea water transfer is a positive approach to drought


The Caspian Sea water transfer to Semnan province is a positive approach to resolve the challenge of drought while the non-academic comments on environmental issues should not be taken into account, said Iranian expert.

“Water transfer from the Caspian Sea to the province would be a positive solution to confront the challenge of drought,” said professor Parviz Kerdovani at the academic conference on the Caspian sea water transfer held in Semnan province, Trend reports citing IRNA.

“Water transfer from the Caspian Sea would not affect the sea level and the environmental issues in this plan would require experts attention, while non-academic comments shall not be taken into account,” he added.

“The salt from the Caspian Sea water transferred can be used in production of bricks,” he said.

According to the professor, there has not been a proper attempt in past decades to reform water consumption. In the meantime, the development of agriculture without experts’ views have led to drought across the country,” he noted.

Semnan province produces 1.2 billion cubic meter water per year. Out of this volume, 87 percent is consumed by agriculture sector, 8 percent is used by industrial sector and 5 percent is consumed as drinking water, with the average water consumption per day of 200 liters.

There have been constant calls during past year for water transfer to develop Semnan, and funds were provided to transfer water from the Caspian sea in the current Iranian year (started March on 21,2019).