Capital expenditures on Shahdeniz field declined twofold in 2018


 In 2018, Shah Deniz spent more than $578 million in operating expenditure and more than $1.44 billion in capital expenditure, the majority of which was associated with the Shah Deniz 2 project, Report informs citing BP-Azerbaijan.

Compared to a year earlier, the operating expenditures rose by $127 million or 28.16%, while capital expenditures declined by $1.44 billion or twofold.

Shah Deniz participating interests are: BP (operator – 28.8 per cent), TPAO (19.0 per cent), AzSD (10.0 per cent), SGC Upstream (6.7 per cent), PETRONAS (15.5 per cent), LUKOIL (10.0 per cent) and NICO (10.0 per cent).