Member States to International Maritime Organization officially addressed to State Maritime Organization of the Republic of Azerbaijan to benefit from our experience


    Delegation headed by Gudrat Gurbanov, the Head of the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan participated at the 30th session of Assembly of International Maritime Organization which took place on 27 November – 06 December.

    During the session which took place at the headquarter of International Maritime Organization in London, Presidents and Vice – Presidents of Assembly elected, credential committees and other committees established. Reports on finals during 2017   of Council of International Maritime Organization and sessions of other committees were made.

    The Head of Delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Gudrat Gurbanov made speech on successful results of audit carried out by the Audit Expert Team of International Maritime Organization on 28 may – 06 June of 2017 at the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan with purpose of assessing the implementation the requirements of international conventions in maritime transport field. The Head of State Maritime Administration remarked that, in accordance with results of the audit, the Republic of Azerbaijan held the highest place on statistical list by passing ahead the European countries that take leading part in 172 world maritime States. The Head of Azerbaijan delegation pointed that positive result of audit that carried out by the Audit Expert Team give basis to remark that measures carried out maritime field of the Republic of Azerbaijan, activities of harbor masters under the State Maritime Administration, and vessel traffic system in port area and in territorial waters of the Republic of Azerbaijan were organized in high level according to requirements of International Maritime Organization.

    Successful results of the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan in audit, caused the sympathy of the member states of the International Maritime Organization. IMO Members States Belarus and Ukraine representatives expressed their interest to benefit Azerbaijan’s experience and wish to visit Azerbaijan with large group of representatives soon. It should be noted that Head of the State Administration on Supervision of Navigation at the State Service of Maritime and River Transportation of Turkmenistan visited to Azerbaijan on November with same purpose.

    During the session information regarding audit results that were held in 2017, reports of 172 member states of IMO, reports of education training centers of IMO, and reports of “International Maritime Day” for 2016-2017 were made.

    International Maritime Prize was presented to Mr. Koji Sekimizu, former Secretary General of IMO of 4 years, chosen career holder, for his long-term contributions to the International Maritime Organization. Prize was presented by the Secretary General of IMO Mr. Kitack Lim.

    In accordance with the articles 16 and 17 of the Convention of International Maritime Organization, elections were held during the session to the Council of IMO for the period of two years. According to results, 10 countries under the category A, 10 under category of B and 20 countries under the category of C were elected

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