Yacht crews rescued after Atlantic storm


    A major rescue operation has taken place in the mid-Atlantic after a fleet of yachts that set out from the UK was hit by a “once in a lifetime” storm, BBC reports.

    Luxury ocean liner the Queen Mary 2 has rescued lone yachtsman Mervyn Wheatley after he issued a mayday.

    A massive storm, which saw fifteen-metre waves and 60-knot winds, left a number of yachts in trouble.

    The sailboats are competing in a transatlantic race hosted by the Royal Western Yacht Club (RWYC).

    A Cunard spokesman said that the QM2 was involved in a rescue operation “at the request of the US Coastguard”.

    Mr Wheatley is now on board the QM2, is said to be safe and well and is now on his way to Halifax.