Russian innovators create robots to replace human rescue workers

    Russian scientists have created robots that will replace human rescuers in dangerous operations.

    “The development of robots is unprecedented. There are complexes that use artificial intelligence in order to carry out complex tasks where there is a risk to a rescuer’s life and health – in mines, mountains and high-rise buildings on fire,” the head of Russian Emergencies Ministry, Vladimir Puchkov said, according to Sputnik International.

    According to him, such robot complexes are becoming popular and may replace human rescuers very soon altogether.

    These robots were presented during the International Expo Integrated Security 2017. The 10th such event was held at the Noginsk rescue center of Russia’s Emergency Ministry.

    During this event, Russian IT specialists also presented a modern model for monitoring and forecasting various hazards and threats.

    “Another item of new technologies is the development of fire and rescue vehicles that have uniquely installed  equipment,” the head of the Emergencies Ministry said.

    Furthermore, Puchkov said that the Russian innovators have created equipment used for protection from poisonous gases, as well as complexes that can be used while working in hazardous conditions of radiation, chemical and biological contamination.

    More than 1,500 people, and more than 200 units of specialized robotic complexes, including helicopters, airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles, took part in the drills.