SOCAR Petroleum: AI-98 gasoline to be available soon


    The sale of imported Super Euro-98 gasoline will again be resumed in SOCAR filling stations in coming days, SOCAR Petroleum CJSC reported.

    “For several days Super Euro-98 gasoline supplied from abroad, disappeared from sales in SOCAR filling stations, due to a decrease in the production of this gasoline abroad and high-level consumption in these countries. Now the issue has been resolved. Delivery of Super Euro-98 gasoline started from Belarus and will reach Azerbaijan on June 10. After the customs procedures AI-98 will be available in SOCAR filling stations on June 15-16”, the company reported.

    SOCAR Petroleum CJSC was established on January 21, 2008 for the purpose of managing the purchase and sale of petroleum products in Azerbaijan and supplying petroleum products in line with international standards and is doing business under the SOCAR brand.

    SOCAR is 100 percent owned by the government of Azerbaijan. SOCAR participates in joint ventures (including ventures in Georgia and Turkey), consortia, and operating companies established with SOCAR’s participation.

    The company includes such production associations as Azneft (the enterprises producing oil and gas onshore and offshore), Azerkimya (the chemical enterprises) and Azerigas (distributor of gas produced in the country), as well as oil and gas processing plants, service companies, and the facilities involved in geophysical and drilling operations.