Ferry vessel “Azerbaijan” ready for operation


Press release of Press Service of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” Closed Joint-Stock Company

The ferry vessel “Azerbaijan”, which is part of the transport fleet of the “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC, was put down from the shipyard. During the dock repair of the vessel, which lasted about two months at the “Zigh” Ship repair yard, the underwater part of the vessel was cleaned and painted, the steering and auxiliary equipment, engine mechanisms, Kingston boxes, sluice valve were completely repaired.

In addition, Ship Repair workers, along with the dock repair, also performed other necessary works to restore the operation of the ferry vessel “Azerbaijan”. Thus, the emergency diesel generator of a floating vehicle, including water, oil and fuel pumps for various purposes, electric motors, two main engines and three auxiliary engines, together with generators, has been repaired.

Along with this, three pumps and air compressors were replaced, adjustment of main and auxiliary engines, automatic control systems, protection and signaling of other devices and equipment was carried out. Pipes of systems of drinking water supply, oil and fuel systems are also repaired.

To ensure the comfort for seafarers, the doors, the sofa, the cabinets and the tables in the cabins were renovated. The necessary work was also done in the ferry lighting system. The above-water part of the hull, car and automobile deck, chimneys, corridors, tambours and other parts of the ferry vessel are cleaned and painted.

It should be reminded that the ferry vessel “Azerbaijan” was built in 1985. The length of the vessel is 154, width is 18 meters, and the carrying capacity is 2,425 tons.

It should be noted that “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC is the only ferry operator in the Caspian. The fleet of the Shipping Company includes 13 ferry boats, 2 Ro-Ro vessels. 7 of 13 existing ferry vessels in the fleet contain 28 wagons, and 6 ferries – 52-54 cars. Currently, these ferries are involved in cargo transportation along the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route. Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company pays special attention to increasing the number of ferries in its fleet in order to provide competitive services.