Reliability in all operating conditions


Anastasiya Fedotchenko, Marketing Director at Rostovskiy Port

– JSC “RIF” is a shipbuilding and ship repair plant and is debuting at this international CIBS 2017 exhibition in Azerbaijan. We present here a unique product – high density polyethylene boats. Our company is the only Russian manufacturer of boats, which use this innovative material. High impact resistance, ability to recover after impact, flexibility and lightness provide greater load capacity, insubmersibility and high speed of these vessels. Our boats have successfully passed all the tests and proved their reliability under any operating conditions. The vessels can be used for transportation of passengers and small-sized cargoes, recreational activities on the water, inspection of anchorage sites and performance of survey works, maintenance of work of survey teams on the coast, diving operations, rescue operations and other tasks.

We are very interested in the Caspian Sea basin and through this exhibition we would like to find new consumers for our boats in Azerbaijan and in the region as a whole. We are impatiently waiting for the representatives of port services, pilot vessel companies, MES and military sector at our stand; we have quite a different focus and audience!

The exhibition is very impressive, large-scale and colorful; it pleases with both the variety of exhibitors’ stands and the proactive behavior of interested visitors.