Information of the press service of the State Maritime Administration on special training courses recommended to all personnel of ships involved in the development of mobile, units and hydrocarbon deposits


To ensure maritime security, protection of human life and prevention of pollution from ships, according to the requirements of İnternational Maritime Organization RESOLUTION A.891(21) on “Recommendations on Training of Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units“, İnstruction of the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPİTO) on “Training of experts on prevention of emergency situations on oil and gas industry and effective management of the competence” is recommended to conduct special training courses, which names listed below, to all personnel of the ships involved in the development of mobile, stationary offshore units and hydrocarbon deposits. However, in the future conduct of these courses will be deemed necessary.

1. For all personnel on mobile offshore units:
— Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
—Preparatory course on “H2C (sulfur dioxide)”;

2. For all personnel on development of hydrocarbon deposits in addition to the courses required by International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers:
—Preparatory course on “H2C (sulfur dioxide)”;
—Preparatory course on ” Evacuation in case of safety and accident in helicopter”

The conduct of above-mentioned courses is considered in the Training Center “Occupational Training İnternational” recognized by the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, starting from January 30, 2017.