TECNICAS REUNIDAS is looking for an Instrument Superintendent


Work Position: Instrument Superintendent

Job Description

Person in charge of overseeing the construction activities performed by the Subcontractor in order to ensure that the Project is completed on time and budget while meeting all relevant regulations, quality, HSE standards and procedures in pursuit of the Project.

Main functions:

  • Supervise the Subcontractor works in terms of productivity, schedule, quality and safety. In case of senior Supervisors, he could lead other Supervisors to assist him in the performance of these activities.
  • Full understanding over the applicable Discipline IFC drawings and Engineering Instructions related to the Project as an indispensable pre-condition to properly supervise the construction works.
  • Check that Subcontractor is working with last edition of IFC drawings and other technical documents. Keep a set of up to date copies of all relevant drawings to properly supervise the related works at site.
  • Inform to the Superintendent about any technical problem that may arise at site to avoid work schedule delays.
  • Ensure that red-marked drawings received from Subcontractor are done over the latest IFC revision and include all changes as it was actually built.
  • Attend Mock-up and Tool Box meetings at Site led by Superintendent / QC inspectors in order to make sure that any new construction activity/job will be properly done following Project specs and standard procedures.
  • Coordinate with the Instrumentation Supervisor/foreman of Subcontractor the day-to-day activities in order to achieve the weekly plan/targets.
  • Report to Superintendent about daily work progress and ensure that the production is properly reported by the Subcontractor in daily basis. Point out the discrepancies or make the necessary clarifications to the Subcontractor reporting.
  • Be knowledgeable, follow up and demand to the Subcontractor the fulfilment of its scope of work as contract, providing necessary support to Subcontract Administration team to identify the deficiencies and negligence of its functions.
  • Provide accurate info and data to back up the non-compliance notices/letters submitted to Subcontractor in regards to schedule or quality of the work.
  • Control and report the manpower assigned to each activity and ensure that the labor force allocated on the job is productively used.
  • Ensure that the Work Permits are being issued for the daily activities as well as the corresponding requests for inspections.
  • Check that method statements, risk assessments and job safety analysis has been undertaken.
  • Before leaving the Site every day, make sure that everything is ready to start the works from the very first hour next day without delays or interruptions by the lack of proper instructions / work permits / machinery / tools / materials / safety access to the work area or by any other reason. Act immediately to solve any incident preventing the normal start-up of the work shift.
  • Forecast in advance the tools and equipment needs for the construction execution.
  • Check the availability of materials to be used during the construction and ensure the cost efficient use of it, identifying the proper methods of material handling, site storage and preservation directed to prevent damages or deterioration.
  • Alert to Superintendent about lack of material, losses or damages that requires an immediate action from Purchase / Subcontract Department.
  • Ensure the fulfilment of the quality requirements in order to guarantee that the corresponding QA/QC inspections have been conducted on due time and the activity has been validated.
  • As the maximum responsible of the construction activities conducted at site, the Supervisor will ensure that all personnel working in the area under his supervision, will do it in compliance with HSE good practices and established procedures.
  • Attend contractors HSE Toolbox talks and safety meetings.
  • Responsible of the implementation and compliance of the company procedures and programs in the worksite under his responsibility, especially those ones in relation with HSE like POP and LOTO.
  • Full knowledge about the corporate Discipline tools and its application to control the daily work
  • Identify and report LLAA to the Superintendent during the Project execution.
  • Register, follow up and carry out the closure of the corresponding Punch listing under his responsibility during the handover stage.
  • If applicable, review and approve Work Time Sheets based on the accurate hours required to perform the activity at site. Justify in detail the work executed and the personnel involved

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]    12.01.2023 with subject line: Instrument Superintendent.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.